Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Patch Highlights for Minecraft Xbox Edition 1.8.2 When Launched

Well, the patch is out and here is the highlights from Mojang.

By the way, I am thinking-out-loud in reds.

Welcome back! You may not have noticed but your Minecraft has just updated.

There are lots of new features for you and friends to play with so here's just a few highlights. Have a read and then go and have fun!
  1. Creative Mode
    • Gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Gives you an almost infinite number of blocks and things to play with. If that wasn't enough there's even the ability to fly around your world and you'll be immune to all damage. There's a Super Flat terrain option too! 
    • Best thing is you can fly around.
  2. Hunger
    • You new get hungry! There's a new Food Bar to watch. Eating food fills it up, doing things drains it. You need to eat in order to keep it topped up and doing so will mean your Health Bar also replenishes. 
    • Well, it makes survival mode more realistic but a hassle. Treat it as a challenge.
  3. Sprinting
    • Now you can get around the world faster 
    • You can sprint-flying in creative mode.
    • Not sure if you can sprint-swimming.
  4.  New Mobs
    • Look out for Endermen, Sliverfish and Cave Spiders 
    • Endermen drops Ender pearl which can to use for teleporting by throwing at your intend direction. You ended teleported to where the pearl hits the tiles.
  5. New Terrain Features
    • When you create a new world a few of the following new structures and features may be generated:-
      • Strongholds, these appear underground, look out for Silverfish!
      • Villages, collections of interesting and inhabitable buildings
      • Abandoned Mine Shafts, awesome and excellent to explore. Beware of Cave Spiders!
      • Underground Ravines, tall, long, canyon type structures cut into the world
      • Rivers, cut their way through the landscape.
      • Swamps, easy to spot because of there vines that grow over the trees.
    • Enough say, here's more advantages to have!
    • Free rails from Abandoned Mine shafts.
  6. New Food Items
    • Melons, Raw & Cooked Chicken, Raw Beef & Steak, oh and Rotten Flesh too! Your wolves will love it! 
    • You can do lots of farms now. Melon farms! Pumpkin farms! Make those farms semi or fully automated with redstones and pistols.
    • Create your mushroom land with Huge mushroom.
    • Sad... there is still no breeding... no eggs spawn chicks...
  7. New Actions
    • Hold-to-charge bows, you can now parry with a sword, new eating and of course sprinting.
  8. New Tutorial Level
    • Now Features the new terrain structures and we've added tutorials for new features too.
  9. New Easter Eggs
    • Yes, we heard that you liked the things we sprinkled around the Tutorial level so we put in some new things to go and find. Go and have fun!
    • Search the world for the 12 chests, each containing one of the Music Discs that can be played in a Jukebox.
  10.  Online Play
    • We've added new features to reduce griefing and give more control to players who host levels.

For a more details of the patch notes. Visit the Minecraft wiki site.

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