Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheapest Microsoft Points For Singapore Gamers

Want to buy the cheapest Microsoft Points in Singapore?
Search no more! I guess I have done enough search in Singapore and online. If you found a cheaper rate of Microsoft Points then mine, please share with me and I will update this post to benefit all the fellow gamers in Singapore. ^.^

My finding? Not physically in Singapore but online. Get it at! has four different kinds of products to choose from, namely:
  1. Xbox Live Points Asia (1,600 points)
  2. Xbox Live Points Asia (1,600 points) Digital
  3. Xbox Live Points Asia (3,200 points)
  4. Xbox Live Points Asia (3,200 points) Digital 
P.S. Only Asia version of XBOX Live Points works in Singapore, do not purchase a US Version of XBOX Live Points products and think it will work with your Singapore XBOX Live account.
    Note: Product have lead time for delivery
    Current Digital Price:  US$ 23.89 (Save US$1.01)
     As of 21st Aug 2012 (Limited time offer)

    Physical Copy Price: US$ 24.90
    Digital Copy Price: US$ 24.90

    Price rosed. Was US$23.90 for a digital copy since I posted this on 24 Jul 2011
    Last updated: 27 Dec 2011

    Current Physical Price: US$ 43.09 (Save US$1.81)
    As of 21st Aug 2012 (Limited time offer) 

    Physical Copy Price: US$ 44.90
    Digitial Copy Price: US$ 44.90

    Price rosed. Was US$43.90 for a digital copy since I posted this on 24 Jul 2011
    Last updated: 27 Dec 2011

    Let me do a matrix for you to see it in a much clearer way!
    I am going to use this exchange of US$1 = S$1.30.

    Microsoft Points(pt) Vendor Price(S$) Rate(S$/pts)
    1600 pts S$32.37 0.02023 ++
    1600 pts digital S$32.37 0.02023
    3200 pts S$58.37 0.01824 ++
    3200 pts digital S$58.37 0.01824
    500 pts digital S$11.00 0.02200
    1600 pts digital (Store at Far East Plaza) S$31.90 0.01994 ++
    ++ shipping fee or traveling cost

    With this matrix, you can see that 3200 points physical copy has the cheapest rate! Microsoft's is a rip-off if you get it from there. offers 5 different points top-up options, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 6000, all at 0.022 rate like you see in the matrix.

    Now I guess your concern is the 1600 points physical copy in Singapore retail store is just a mere S$1.30 different compare to the digital copy from Well, you can say so. However, S$31.90 is the cheapest I can find in Singapore retail stores. And, talking about the journey to and fro the store to buy it, those add up to your total cost. You judge it. Tell me if you got a cheaper source! I would love to save more cash.

    If time is not a concern, you can buy the 1600 points physical copy from for S$29.32. It will be airmailed to you. On there site mentioned it will take up to 21 days! @.@
    Since there is a price inflation, it doesn't make sense to get the physical copy from

    I didn't tried the physical copy yet. I bought the 3200 points digital copy from My experience is good! Though the feedback from other buyers mentioned they got it in minutes, mine was hours; around 4 hours. I ordered during the midnight on a weekend, guess that's why those hours.

    A cheaper cost now for 160 points at S$2.92, 240 points at S$4.38.
    More reason to get the new songs for RockBand 3 or Dance Central!

    A cheaper cost now for 400 points at S$7.30, 800 points at S$14.59, 1200 points at $21.89.
    More willingness to buy the XBOX Arcade games that are nice!

    When Microsoft brings the Rewards System into Singapore, I will be planning to buy even more Microsoft Points. Come on Microsoft! Give me my rewards~

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    1. The digital version of 1600 points at play-asia is back to US$23.89.