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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halo 4 Giveaway

Image from Xbox.com

If you are a Xbox Live Reward member reside in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and Singapore, you will receive a mailer indicating a Halo 4 Giveaway!

Reward Page:

Start cracking it!

This exclusive giveaway is only available from:
09:00 GMT+8 on 28 October 2012 to
23:59 GMT+8 on 30 October 2012

The clue and instruction is rather vague on the giveaway page. Read up the Giveaway Terms and conditions for more instructions.

There is a bouns after answering. A M6G template for you or your kids.
PDF Link

Have fun crafting and some role playing.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Minecraft Xbox Edition 1.8.2 Seed

After creating a few new games, finally found one which I like for my survival gameplay. Got a couple of different biomes all in the map.

After my first spawn on map, a stone throw away you will see a tiny pond, there are some coals in there. Moving towards north, you will find some caves or caverns with iron ores in them. Not bad for a quick start I guess.

Here's a view of the map. So if anyone is interest to have this map, just use the seed when creating your world. Have fun!

Seed: -3725536568541321745

Easier reading of number: -372 5536 5685 4132 1745
(Ignore the spaces when creating word using this seed)

Map consists of these biomes:
  • Forest Biome
  • Swampland Biome
  • Desert Biome
  • Taiga Biome
  • Plain Biome
  • Ocean Biome
Found some pumpkins north ahead of the first spawn point

There are 04 NPC villages mostly in the desert biome, with one near to the forest biome.

There is a mountain too, with caves!

A ravine near your spawn point. Go to X:-269, Y:64, Z:83 you will find a cave leading to a cavern. There are some iron ores in the cavern. Try to get to X:-253, Y45, Z:96 and you will see the ravine. It is rather dark as it is underground. It is a maze within the ravine with lots of caverns. Plenty of minerals around.

Mob Spawner
  • X:-253, Y:22, Z:57 Skeletons
  • X:-134, Y:34, Z:95 Cave Spider

Slime Spawn
To find your slime spawn block chunk:
Hope I can find an abandon mineshaft soon and get some melon seeds.
(Update: 26/10/12) And yes! I found it. Mineshaft chest at X:-148, Y:32, Z:73. Melons!

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

1600 Microsoft Points
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Size: 113.21 MB

Free Trial available
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Patch Highlights for Minecraft Xbox Edition 1.8.2 When Launched

Well, the patch is out and here is the highlights from Mojang.

By the way, I am thinking-out-loud in reds.

Welcome back! You may not have noticed but your Minecraft has just updated.

There are lots of new features for you and friends to play with so here's just a few highlights. Have a read and then go and have fun!
  1. Creative Mode
    • Gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Gives you an almost infinite number of blocks and things to play with. If that wasn't enough there's even the ability to fly around your world and you'll be immune to all damage. There's a Super Flat terrain option too! 
    • Best thing is you can fly around.
  2. Hunger
    • You new get hungry! There's a new Food Bar to watch. Eating food fills it up, doing things drains it. You need to eat in order to keep it topped up and doing so will mean your Health Bar also replenishes. 
    • Well, it makes survival mode more realistic but a hassle. Treat it as a challenge.
  3. Sprinting
    • Now you can get around the world faster 
    • You can sprint-flying in creative mode.
    • Not sure if you can sprint-swimming.
  4.  New Mobs
    • Look out for Endermen, Sliverfish and Cave Spiders 
    • Endermen drops Ender pearl which can to use for teleporting by throwing at your intend direction. You ended teleported to where the pearl hits the tiles.
  5. New Terrain Features
    • When you create a new world a few of the following new structures and features may be generated:-
      • Strongholds, these appear underground, look out for Silverfish!
      • Villages, collections of interesting and inhabitable buildings
      • Abandoned Mine Shafts, awesome and excellent to explore. Beware of Cave Spiders!
      • Underground Ravines, tall, long, canyon type structures cut into the world
      • Rivers, cut their way through the landscape.
      • Swamps, easy to spot because of there vines that grow over the trees.
    • Enough say, here's more advantages to have!
    • Free rails from Abandoned Mine shafts.
  6. New Food Items
    • Melons, Raw & Cooked Chicken, Raw Beef & Steak, oh and Rotten Flesh too! Your wolves will love it! 
    • You can do lots of farms now. Melon farms! Pumpkin farms! Make those farms semi or fully automated with redstones and pistols.
    • Create your mushroom land with Huge mushroom.
    • Sad... there is still no breeding... no eggs spawn chicks...
  7. New Actions
    • Hold-to-charge bows, you can now parry with a sword, new eating and of course sprinting.
  8. New Tutorial Level
    • Now Features the new terrain structures and we've added tutorials for new features too.
  9. New Easter Eggs
    • Yes, we heard that you liked the things we sprinkled around the Tutorial level so we put in some new things to go and find. Go and have fun!
    • Search the world for the 12 chests, each containing one of the Music Discs that can be played in a Jukebox.
  10.  Online Play
    • We've added new features to reduce griefing and give more control to players who host levels.

For a more details of the patch notes. Visit the Minecraft wiki site.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

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How to Update Minecraft Xbox Edition 1.8.2

Image from Xbox.com

How to update Minecraft Xbox Edition to 1.8.2

This is just my experience updating. Might be useful for reference or trial and error.

Possible way to update:
My guess is try to exit game instead of signing in from Minecraft. This should trigger for the patch.

I tried signing in during game and it crashes my Xbox console two times and I finally got it to patch. Anyway, here's the break down of what happened.

First Try
  • Signed in at Dashboard
  • Launch Minecraft and got "Disconnect from Xbox Live" message
  • Go to Minecraft main menu and press Xbox Home button to sign in
  • Console hangs(?) while signing it. The signing in animation stops but the Minecraft music still plays on. Waited for 15 minutes. Nothing happen.
  • Force reset console.
Second Try
  • Signed in at Dashboard
  • Launch Minecraft and got "Disconnect from Xbox Live" message again
  • Go to main screen, select "Play"
  • Prompted to sign in and select sign in to my Live profile
  • Console hangs again. Signing in animation stops, music still plays on. Waited for another 15 minutes. Nothing happen!
  • Force reset console.
Third Try
  • Signed in at Dashboard
  • Launch Minecraft and got "Disconnect from Xbox Live" message again
  • Go to Minecraft main menu and select "Exit"
  • Console loading dashboard. Screen seems to be blank for a while.
  • Prompted a new update for this game is available!
  • Patched it, 3MB in size, and launch game.
  • Prompted Minecraft cannot launch and ask to download game again (OMG! You kiddin' me!?)
  • Did not re-download game but go to Dashboard and launch Minecraft.
  • Does not have the "Disconnect from Xbox Live" message anymore.
  • Go to main menu, prompted with a welcome back message and patch highlights.
Nearly threw my controller at my TV when it prompted that Minecraft could not be launched and need to download game again. Geez.

Finally this patch is out! It is finally worth more to play.
Find out what's new here

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

1600 Microsoft Points
Buy cheaper Microsoft Points

Size: 113.21 MB

Free Trial available
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dance Central 3 Multiplayer Mode

Image from xbox.com

I tried the demo of Dance Central 3. Just gonna highlight the multiplayer mode.
Get the free demo and try it out if you are still hesitating whether to buy it. Either download from your Xbox console or via xbox.com.

You can go to "Party Time" in menu to jump straight to mutliplayer mode. Another way is select "Main Menu", select "Dance", you could choose "Party" or "Crew Throwdown".

Form into 2 teams up to 4 players each team. Take a group photo in front of the Kinect, it has face detection and nicely identify the 4 players. For each game mode, a random player from each team will be chosen to compete.

At start you will have all 5 game modes enabled. You can enable and disable any mode. A quick breakdown of the 5 game modes.
  1. Perform
    • The short version "Perform it" of the dance selected by default. You can select full dance in option. Compete and see who gets the most score!
  2. Battle
    • The usual "Battle" of Dance Central 2 with the Free-4-All wild dance cards.
    • Nail the Finishing Move to trigger the Pose Combo, pose as many correct pose to gain more scores!
  3. Keep The Beat
    • Create your own move and sticks to the beat. Keep it up and you will get In The Zones, of course bonus scores. 
    • Copy your rival moves and knock them out of the zones!
  4. Make Your Move
    • Create your own move and it will be generated into a dance card
    • Compete with each other custom dance cards.
    • Compete in a full routine of the custom dance cards!
  5. Strike A Pose
    • Mirror your dancer pose fast and out-post your rival to win.
    • Keep getting combo to get more scores.
    • 8 correct poses in a roll is a Full Combo!
The best interactive part ever so far in the Dance Central series is the "Hi-Five Your Opponent To Start", I am so trilled when I saw that. It really gets you all hype up!

Found a good video on YouTube which demonstrate the gameplay partially. It is definitely better to watch then to read ain't it? Well, rather then watching, download the demo and try it out for yourself!

Dance Central 3 is hitting Earth this 16th Oct! Asia 19th Oct.

Preorder at S$~49.36 from Play-asia.com
Or you could wait for the retails in Singapore.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Massive Saving on Dance Central Tracks

Image from Xbox.com

It is here again! Discounted Dance Central music tracks. I was really hoping for a new Marathon Pack but Hamonix didn't throw one in. "Aww... why? Hamonix... Just give your poor dance fans some ecstasy dosage, will ya?!"

Anyway, here are the deals!

Dance Pack 01 – 480 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 02 – 480 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 03 – 480 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 04 – 480 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 05 – 360 MS Points (Down from 480 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 06 – 720 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Pack 07 – 720 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Central Pack 08 – 720 MS Points (Down from 1440 MS Points!)
Dance Central Pack 09 – 600 MS Points (Down from 1200 MS Points!)
Dance Central Pack 10 – 480 MS Points (Down from 960 MS Points!)
Dance Central Pack 11 – 1080 MS Points (Down from 2160 MS Points!)
Dance Central Marathon Pack 01 – 1400 MS Points (Down from 3360 MS Points!)
Dance Central Marathon Pack 02 – 1500 MS Points (Down from 3600 MS Points!)
Lady Gaga Dance Pack 01 – 240 MS Points (Down from 440 MS Points!)
Rihanna Dance Pack 01 – 360 MS Points (Down from 640 MS Points!)
Janet Jackson Dance Pack 01 – 240 MS Points (Down from 440 MS Points!)

Please reference to the official link for the tracks in each Pack.

I had purchased Marathon Packs which gives a slightly better deal (you saved more, that's the whole point). Alright, here is some tips I discovered. If you are a hardcore fan that buy every new single tracks, then these tips wouldn't help much. If you are new dancers who just jumped in and didn't bought many tracks, get some Microsoft Points and let's do some shopping!

Tip 1
Dance Pack 5, 6 and 7 is the same as Marathon Pack 02!
Meaning if you buy Dance Pack 5,6,7, you should have bought Marathon Pack 02. The total cost for the 3 Dance Pack is 1800 MS Points while Marathon Pack 02 is 1500 MS Points. Saved 300 MS Points, which is about S$6 or so.

Tip 2
Dance Pack 1 to 4 has 3 more tracks then Marathon Pack 01.
  •     Missy Elliott – “We Run This”
  •     Sean Paul – “Temperature”
  •     Chic – “Le Freak”
Meaning if you buy Marathon Pack 01, you will missed out the above mentioned 3 tracks.
Cost for Dance Pack 1 to 4 is 1920 MS Points.
Cost for Marathon Pack 01 is 1400 MS Points
You could get the 3 separate tracks at a 160 MS Points each, which total to 480 MS Points.

Dance Pack 1to4 = 1920MS Points
Marathon Pack 01 + 3 missing tracks = 1880MS Points
Saved 40 MS Points ... ... Hmm...

You might think, "why all these trouble?" Well, I am just seeing any alternative to save more, that's all.

I guess I will be getting Dance Pack 8 to 11; you saved like 50% anyway. Base on the Dance Pack that is formed up, and in my opinion, there could be a Marathon Pack 03 consisted of Dance Pack 8 to 10 in the coming future. Maybe during the next Anniversary for Dance Central.

P.S. I can't find the information on when is the deals will end. Best is to login to xbox.com and buy the Dance Pack before the deals are gone.

Dance Central 3 is hitting Earth this mid Oct.

Preorder at S$~49.36 from Play-asia.com
Or you could wait for the retails in Singapore.