Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dance Central 3 Multiplayer Mode

Image from xbox.com

I tried the demo of Dance Central 3. Just gonna highlight the multiplayer mode.
Get the free demo and try it out if you are still hesitating whether to buy it. Either download from your Xbox console or via xbox.com.

You can go to "Party Time" in menu to jump straight to mutliplayer mode. Another way is select "Main Menu", select "Dance", you could choose "Party" or "Crew Throwdown".

Form into 2 teams up to 4 players each team. Take a group photo in front of the Kinect, it has face detection and nicely identify the 4 players. For each game mode, a random player from each team will be chosen to compete.

At start you will have all 5 game modes enabled. You can enable and disable any mode. A quick breakdown of the 5 game modes.
  1. Perform
    • The short version "Perform it" of the dance selected by default. You can select full dance in option. Compete and see who gets the most score!
  2. Battle
    • The usual "Battle" of Dance Central 2 with the Free-4-All wild dance cards.
    • Nail the Finishing Move to trigger the Pose Combo, pose as many correct pose to gain more scores!
  3. Keep The Beat
    • Create your own move and sticks to the beat. Keep it up and you will get In The Zones, of course bonus scores. 
    • Copy your rival moves and knock them out of the zones!
  4. Make Your Move
    • Create your own move and it will be generated into a dance card
    • Compete with each other custom dance cards.
    • Compete in a full routine of the custom dance cards!
  5. Strike A Pose
    • Mirror your dancer pose fast and out-post your rival to win.
    • Keep getting combo to get more scores.
    • 8 correct poses in a roll is a Full Combo!
The best interactive part ever so far in the Dance Central series is the "Hi-Five Your Opponent To Start", I am so trilled when I saw that. It really gets you all hype up!

Found a good video on YouTube which demonstrate the gameplay partially. It is definitely better to watch then to read ain't it? Well, rather then watching, download the demo and try it out for yourself!

Dance Central 3 is hitting Earth this 16th Oct! Asia 19th Oct.

Preorder at S$~49.36 from Play-asia.com
Or you could wait for the retails in Singapore.

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