Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Minecraft Xbox Edition 1.8.2 Seed

After creating a few new games, finally found one which I like for my survival gameplay. Got a couple of different biomes all in the map.

After my first spawn on map, a stone throw away you will see a tiny pond, there are some coals in there. Moving towards north, you will find some caves or caverns with iron ores in them. Not bad for a quick start I guess.

Here's a view of the map. So if anyone is interest to have this map, just use the seed when creating your world. Have fun!

Seed: -3725536568541321745

Easier reading of number: -372 5536 5685 4132 1745
(Ignore the spaces when creating word using this seed)

Map consists of these biomes:
  • Forest Biome
  • Swampland Biome
  • Desert Biome
  • Taiga Biome
  • Plain Biome
  • Ocean Biome
Found some pumpkins north ahead of the first spawn point

There are 04 NPC villages mostly in the desert biome, with one near to the forest biome.

There is a mountain too, with caves!

A ravine near your spawn point. Go to X:-269, Y:64, Z:83 you will find a cave leading to a cavern. There are some iron ores in the cavern. Try to get to X:-253, Y45, Z:96 and you will see the ravine. It is rather dark as it is underground. It is a maze within the ravine with lots of caverns. Plenty of minerals around.

Mob Spawner
  • X:-253, Y:22, Z:57 Skeletons
  • X:-134, Y:34, Z:95 Cave Spider

Slime Spawn
To find your slime spawn block chunk:
Hope I can find an abandon mineshaft soon and get some melon seeds.
(Update: 26/10/12) And yes! I found it. Mineshaft chest at X:-148, Y:32, Z:73. Melons!

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