Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unlock Anakin's Podracer for Kinect Star Wars

Unlock Anakin's Podracer

Every specially marked 1-Liter Brisk carries an M-tag that will unlock Anakin in podracing mode within the Kinect Star Wars game.
  • In the Kinect Star Wars main menu, find and select the Scan M-Tag button.
  • Hold the M-Tag 2-4 inches away from the Kinect Sensor.
  • Be sure the M-Tag is right side up, your fingers do not block the tag, and the tag is not tilted during scan.
  • Center the M-tag within the guide that displays on your TV.
  • Hold for a few seconds until you receive the unlock message
Congratulations! You have unlocked Anakin’s pod.


You will be thinking where to buy the 1-Liter Brisk. So, I did a quick google on it and ...

Now Now! Gamers in the SEA would not be able to purchase that bottle of Brisk! It is sold in 7-Eleven in US. Well, with the community sharing information on the internet, this should be a piece of cake now.

Prepare your smart phone with camera and large screen, probably an iPhone or an Android.

From the source link provided, you should be able to see the M-Tag.

From Xbox.com
  1. You should zoom in on your browser, for example, holding 'Ctrl' button and press '+' button on your keyboard. 
  2. Use your smart phone and snap it.
  3. Load your Kinect Star Wars and go to 'Scan M-Tag' option on the game menu.
  4. Bring your phone with the photo on the screen about 2-4 inches away from the Kinect.
  5. The tricky thing is you will need to adjust the position of your phone and have enough lighting for the Kinect to capture the photo on your phone screen.
  6. Once the scanner pick up the image, congratulation, you have unlock Anakin's Podracer!

Well, if you do not have a smart phone, you could print it out. Here is another image I found on the internet that you could print it out and unlock your Anakin's Podracer. Have fun.

Image from http://oi42.tinypic.com/sytcid.jpg

Racing the Unlocked Pod

After scanning the M-Tag, you can race the new pod in the Kinect Star Wars game.
  • Swipe through the carousel to find Podracing, and then select it.
  • Select Quickplay.
  • Select 1 or 2 players.
  • Select Podracer.
  • Swipe through the carousel to find the Anakin Pod.
Image from Xbox.com

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