Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ghost Recon Future Solider Beta Access

A quick note that the Beta Access is not guarantee.


The steps you need to do, to be a lucky gamer to access the Beta.

  1. Go to http://goo.gl/jmYyd and like them (UbisoftSEA Facebook app page)
  2. Fill up the form and submit. It will take a while to load. The form will ask for your
    • Country
    • Age group
    • Email Address
    • Xbox LIVE Gamer Tag
    • Any shooter games you owned
  3. Check your email everyday from 10th April onwards. Pray hard.
Lucky winner will receive a mail sent from support.hk@ubisoft.com about the close beta access code. Good luck!

Read more about the game detail here. See what you get from the signature edition.

Want the game? Get your copy by pre-ordering the game from Play-Asia.
(Buy Standard edition)  (Buy Signature edition)

Other Links:
Ubisoft SEA 粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftSEA
Ghost Recon Future Soldier Official Site: http://ghostrecon.uk.ubi.com
 《火線獵殺:未來戰士》台灣中文官方網站: http://www.ubisoft.com.tw/grfs
《Ghost Recon Future Soldier》香港中文官方網站 http://www.ubisoft.com.hk/grfs

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