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Play Minecraft Xbox Edition with 1600 Microsoft Points

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

1600 Microsoft Points
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Size: 113.21 MB

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Notes to Highlight
  1. It has all the features of the Minecraft PC version Beta 1.6.6.
  2. The game features split-screen functionality for up to 8 players.
  3. It includes a tutorial mode not included in the PC version of the game.

1 - Minecraft version Beta 1.6.6

So... if you are new to Minecraft (I am one of them) and if you watched YouTube of people playing Minecraft with good commentary, here's one I recommended , you might get all excited. I would suggest you to take a look at the changelog for beta 1.6.6 and definitely try out the trial version of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

The domestic animals spawned or despawned. You do not need to put a wheat in your hand to lure them, they will just occasionally stare at you for a while and ignore you. This is because you will not be able to breed your domestic animals for this version! Bumper.

There is no ocelot for you to capture as pet! However, little wolf is still there for you.

Taken some damage? Eat food to replenish your hp, be quick. There is no hunger bar in this version which your hp would auto replenish when you are full.

There is no creative mode in Xbox Edition. Too bad, you can't fly around like Superman.

2 -  Split-screen functionality for up to 8 players.

Seriously, if you do not own an HDTV with a Component or HDMI cable, you will not be able to enjoy the Split-Screen gameplay.

However, if you do have an HDTV, you can play in split screen with up to 4 players locally. You will be able to look at what others are mining and building. More physical social engagement! Play together with a common screen and just scream out loud when you are chased by a creeper; not chatting through a VOIP nor buried in your own screen. This is more fun I guess.

You can play online with multiplayer in split-screen of up to 8 players. Well, you will need to have a Microsoft Gold LIVE account in order to play online.

3 - A tutorial mode

If you haven't tried Minecraft, do try the trial version. You will be able to access the tutorial mode. Play for a limited amount of time before you are popped out and back to the main game menu. You will be able to see a timer counting down to the last second in the center of the screen. It is shown only when you left a couple minutes to enjoy the trial. You can repeatedly try the tutorial with the limited time given but you will not be able to save where you last played.

There will be a dialogue box to aid you along the tutorial. If you are a slow reader, embrace and have some patience. The dialogue box will disappear after showing for a couple of seconds. It will prompt back as a reminder for you next step if you idle for a while. That is rather a poor user experience. Guess there is some lack in testing the tutorial, could have ask a newbie to test it.

Some stuff to get newbie started if you purchased the game
  1. You can create and save game. When creating, it will ask for map generator seed. "Hmm... what is that?" Basically, all map generated is based from a seed. If you want to play the same map as your friends, use the same seed. A seed is a random input of alphanumeric. You can read here to have an idea from the creators themselves.
  2. Once game is loaded, save the game first. Then run around to explore your world. Look for a place where you want to settle down. If nights fall, you could reload your game again and run around again till you know where you want to settle down. If you do not feel right, you can always play in peaceful mode. If night comes and you didn't get a shelter, prepare to be killed and respawned throughout the night!
  3. Decided where to settle down? Let's get started and survive for your first night. I'm sharing how I survived my first night. Feel free to alternate and optimize the steps. (Played for 2 nights since this post and still a newbie)

Survive Your First Night
    1. Use your hand to gather some woods from trees. 2 trees.
    2. Craft a Crafting Table.
    3. Craft a Wooden Pickaxe.
    4. Mine some stones. While mining the stones, you could build your shelter at the same time. A hole to stay for the night.
    5. Make a Stone Pickaxe to mine faster.
    6. If you happen to find Coal, great. If not, build a Furnace with Stones. Make some Charcoal with Woods.
    7. Make some Torches(1 Charcoal/Coal and 2 Sticks) to lit up your shelter aka hole.
    8. If you see sheep, hit them to get some Wool. Collect 3 at least if time permits. This will make you a bed (3 Wooden Planks and 3 Wools) if you decides not to spent through your first night mining stones in your hole.
    9. Block your entrance and leave a 1 block opening, so you can see if it is daylight. If time permits, make a Door (6 Wooden Planks).
    10. This should get you survive your first night!

Some Other Pointers
    1. Hit Pig for Porkchop, cooked it in Furnace. A Cooked Porkchop replenish more health.
    2. Hit Grass to get Seeds. It is not sure-drop for the seeds. Hit as many Grasses to get a couple of Seeds to farm your Wheats. 3 Wheats make a Bread. Bread heals 2.5 hearts.
    3. Enjoy your creativeness and build/explore your world!

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