Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to turn off your XBOX Live Account Automatic Renewal

Note: Now you can turn it off via your online account at xbox.com!
Well what you are reading below is old by now... cheers.

I just learnt my lesson today. Cost me S$14.90.

Frankly, there is absolutely no way for you to turn it off on the account panel. You have to call in! Wow... How technologically advanced is Microsoft... =.=

It only applies to gamers who do their Xbox Live subscription with Debit/Credit Card. If you are using a prepaid card for you XBox Live subscription, Automatic Renewal service is off.

Here's the sacred number: 6622-1626. Yes, that is Xbox Singapore Customer Care. Service available from Monday to Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm, even public holiday. I did the call on Singapore's National Day.

Before you call in, remember to prepared all these information for verification purpose.
  1. Your Real Name (To address you during the call)
  2. Your Gamer Tag
  3. Your First/Last Name registered to the account
  4. Your Email registered to the account
  5. Your Phone number registered to the account
  6. Your Billing Address registered to the account
  7. The last 4 Digits of the Debit/Credit Card used for the subscription
  8. Name on the Debit/Credit Card used
  9. Your Secret Question and Answer for your Window Live account.

Anyway, I'm gonna share some pointers I have learnt:
  1. If you are on subscription with a debit/credit card, just call in ASAP to turn off your Automatic Renewal service. You do not want to wait and burn your wallet for nothing when the renewal date draws near. Hence, try not to think that you will do it on the last day, usually, it is just a day too late.
  2. To remove your debit/credit card from your billing information of your account, you will have to turn off the Automatic Renewal service and wait for the subscription to be over. That is when, you will have the ability to remove the debit/credit card information.
  3. The subscription is processed even if you are on a debit card with not enough money to completed the transaction. My understanding is that Microsoft has already billed you, so Microsoft will try to completed the transaction until it is cleared. If you choose to delay clearing your bill for the billed subscription, you will risk having your Xbox Live account suspended until your pay up! Frozen! Aww...
Well, hope this serve as a good case study for the gamers out there.


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